Leviathan game engine
Leviathan Locking patterns

What is thread safe?

  • All classes that inherit from ThreadSafe or ThreadSafeRecursive
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  • Some static methods that have their own internal mutexes


If you want to call a function or a method that is not thread safe you must invoke the method. Invoking works by calling Leviathan::Engine::Invoke with a lambda to be ran once the main loop checks for ticking again.

This is also available for scripts and other operations that cannot be called from some method. For example deleting a GUI element from a click handler doesn't work so invoking needs to be done to queue the delete for later.

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The recommended way to use this is to run expensive calculations in small pieces or in a QueuedTask and then invoke with the result and apply it in the invoke callback which can access all resources.


Once an object is locked the lock needs to be passed to all other method calls that have an optional lock variant. Other objects may also require that you pass your lock plus the lock for the other object when calling methods.


All methods that work on already locked objects take the lock as the first parameter. Methods that want locks of other objects should receive the locks as the last argument. If additionally a pointer to the object that is locked is passed the lock parameter should follow the parameter that is locked by it.