Leviathan game engine
Leviathan::RequestNone Class Reference

Empty request for ones that require no data. More...

#include <NetworkRequest.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RequestNone (NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE actualtype)
void _SerializeCustom (sf::Packet &packet) const override
 Base classes serialize their data. More...
 RequestNone (NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE actualtype, uint32_t idforresponse, sf::Packet &packet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Leviathan::NetworkRequest
 NetworkRequest (NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE type, uint32_t receivedmessagenumber=0)
virtual ~NetworkRequest ()
void AddDataToPacket (sf::Packet &packet) const
DLLEXPORT std::string GetTypeStr () const
uint32_t GetMessageNumber () const
uint32_t GetIDForResponse () const
 The id number for a response to this is the same as the message number that this request is in. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Leviathan::NetworkRequest
static DLLEXPORT std::shared_ptr< NetworkRequestLoadFromPacket (sf::Packet &packet, uint32_t messagenumber)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Leviathan::NetworkRequest
const uint32_t MessageNumber = 0
 This is only valid when this is received. More...

Detailed Description

Empty request for ones that require no data.

Also used for all other request that don't need any data members

Definition at line 166 of file NetworkRequest.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RequestNone() [1/2]

Leviathan::RequestNone::RequestNone ( NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE  actualtype)

Definition at line 168 of file NetworkRequest.h.

168 : NetworkRequest(actualtype) {}
NetworkRequest(NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE type, uint32_t receivedmessagenumber=0)

◆ RequestNone() [2/2]

Leviathan::RequestNone::RequestNone ( NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE  actualtype,
uint32_t  idforresponse,
sf::Packet &  packet 

Definition at line 172 of file NetworkRequest.h.

172  :
173  NetworkRequest(actualtype, idforresponse)
174  {}
NetworkRequest(NETWORK_REQUEST_TYPE type, uint32_t receivedmessagenumber=0)

Member Function Documentation

◆ _SerializeCustom()

void Leviathan::RequestNone::_SerializeCustom ( sf::Packet &  packet) const

Base classes serialize their data.

Implements Leviathan::NetworkRequest.

Definition at line 170 of file NetworkRequest.h.

170 {}

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