Leviathan game engine
How the Leviathan VideoPlayer Works

Add a definition for the widget type

Before using the widget you will need to define a widget that uses the video player type. To do this put this in your games' gui scheme file (this is an example is from Thrive):

<FalagardMapping windowType="Thrive/VideoPlayer" targetType="Leviathan/VideoPlayer" renderer="Core/Default" lookNFeel="Thrive/Image" />

Example Usage

This snippet is from Thrive and plays a video when the GUI is loaded.

Make sure the latest, working code is copied here
This is outdated as CEGUI is no longer used. Replace with an example of playing video on an Ogre material
o GuiObject "_IntroVideoStarter"{
bool WriteVersion(GuiObject@ instance){
CEGUI::Window@ videoPlayer = instance.GetOwningManager().GetRootWindow().
videoPlayer.SetSize(1.0, 0, 1.0, 0);
auto@ castedPlayer = cast<CEGUIVideoPlayer>(videoPlayer);
// Start playback
return true;