Leviathan game engine
Leviathan::CustomScriptRun Class Reference

Contains data for script runs where arguments are passed manually. More...

#include <ScriptExecutor.h>

Public Member Functions

 CustomScriptRun (ScriptExecutor *exec)
DLLEXPORT ~CustomScriptRun ()

Public Attributes

ScriptRunningSetup Setup
asIScriptFunction * Func
asIScriptContext * Context
std::shared_ptr< ScriptModuleModule
asUINT PassedIndex = 0

Detailed Description

Contains data for script runs where arguments are passed manually.

This isn't the recommended way if the normal single function call script running can be used

Definition at line 34 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CustomScriptRun()

Leviathan::CustomScriptRun::CustomScriptRun ( ScriptExecutor exec)
execUsed to release context if this isn't properly passed to ExecuteCustomRun

Definition at line 39 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

39 : Exec(exec){};

◆ ~CustomScriptRun()

DLLEXPORT CustomScriptRun::~CustomScriptRun ( )

Definition at line 735 of file ScriptExecutor.cpp.

736 {
737  if(Context) {
739  Exec->_DoneWithContext(Context);
740  }
741 }
DLLEXPORT void _DoneWithContext(asIScriptContext *context)
Called after a script has been executed and the context is no longer needed.
asIScriptContext * Context

Member Data Documentation

◆ Context

asIScriptContext* Leviathan::CustomScriptRun::Context

Definition at line 44 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

◆ Func

asIScriptFunction* Leviathan::CustomScriptRun::Func

Definition at line 43 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

◆ Module

std::shared_ptr<ScriptModule> Leviathan::CustomScriptRun::Module

Definition at line 45 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

◆ PassedIndex

asUINT Leviathan::CustomScriptRun::PassedIndex = 0

Definition at line 49 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

◆ Setup

ScriptRunningSetup Leviathan::CustomScriptRun::Setup

Definition at line 42 of file ScriptExecutor.h.

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