Leviathan game engine
Leviathan::ScriptComponentState Class Reference

Class for supporting script defined component states. More...

#include <ComponentState.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from Leviathan::BaseComponentState
 BaseComponentState (float time, COMPONENT_TYPE componenttype)
virtual ~BaseComponentState ()
 BaseComponentState (const BaseComponentState &other) noexcept
 BaseComponentState (BaseComponentState &&other) noexcept
BaseComponentStateoperator= (const BaseComponentState &other) noexcept
BaseComponentStateoperator= (BaseComponentState &&other) noexcept
virtual DLLEXPORT void AddDataToPacket (sf::Packet &packet, BaseComponentState *olderstate) const =0
 Adds update data to a packet. More...
virtual DLLEXPORT bool FillMissingData (BaseComponentState &otherstate)=0
 Copies data to missing values in this state from another state. More...
bool IsBitSet (uint8_t bitnum=0) const
 Returns true if bitnum bit is set in UpdatedFields. More...
void SetBit (uint8_t bitnum=0)
 Sets bitnum bit in Updated. More...
void SetAllBitsInUpdated ()
- Public Attributes inherited from Leviathan::BaseComponentState
float StateTime
uint8_t UpdatedFields = std::numeric_limits<uint8_t>::max()

Detailed Description

Class for supporting script defined component states.

This isn't implemented

Definition at line 114 of file ComponentState.h.

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